Footpath work dubbed “vandalism”

RENOVATIONS to a footpath have been likened to “vandalism” by an irate resident.

Rod Kennedy, of Heathfield, is disappointed with the way in which the Driftway, which connects Green Drift and Baldock Road, has been resurfaced following work to lay electrical cables.

He said: “The culprits, contractors working for Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Service, who were supposedly restoring the path to the condition it was in before high voltage cables were laid below it, have effectively destroyed the green pathway.

“The Driftway is an old sheep track which at one time marked the boundary of Royston and gave much pleasure as a green lane for many dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“If nature had been allowed to take its course the grass would have grown back and there has been good growth this summer. The path always had a chalk strip down the middle, characteristic of chalk pathways in the area. This could be muddy, but mud is another characteristic of green pathways, you just have to wear appropriate footwear or walk round it.

The path could possibly have benefited by rolling to smooth the bumps but what has been done is nothing short of vandalism, destroying the characteristic of the pathway.”

Mr Kennedy, a former Mayor of Royston, added: “Now resurfaced with a fine sandy gravel coating, more suited to traffic than a pleasant walk or pedal, a coating which will cling to shoes and boots, the pathway has lost its character and appeal.”

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A spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council said: “Work on the footpath was completed on Tuesday.

“Previously, it was a wide, grassy track that was slippery and uneven. We have put a standard new surface in which has a gravel coating for improved grip. We appreciate it looks rather new at the moment, but in time it will blend in with the surroundings. The footpath is still for pedestrians only and no vehicles can use it.”

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