Fond farewell to Heydon charity shop duo who racked up more than a decade of service

The Heydon branch team of Wood Green, The Animals Charity, have said their farewells

The Heydon branch team of Wood Green, The Animals Charity, have said their farewells - Credit: Archant

Two volunteers who have run a charity thrift shop for more than a decade have retired, and with their departure the store has closed its doors for the last time.

Marion Chalker, 67, and Dorothy Churchman, 85, have given their time for free since 2001 to manage the shop at the Heydon branch of Wood Green, The Animals Charity. During their time there they have raised almost £200,000.

To mark their departure the dedicated pair were given a surprise retirement party, complete with tea, cake and teary anecdotes from the team.

Marion, who decided to leave after 13 years in the shop to spend more time with her husband, said: “It was sad making the decision to leave – Dorothy and I have really enjoyed working together and we’re really proud of what we achieved at Wood Green – but we just felt it was the right time to go.

“Saying that, I’m not going to cut my ties completely. I’ve said they can twist my arm to help out if there are any kittens that need sitting with.”

Marion and Dorothy’s much-deserved retirement marked the end of an era as the Wood Green team has decided to close the shop.

The charity is now in the process of sourcing a new off-site shop for Heydon, with details due to be announced in the coming months.

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Chief executive Clive Byles said: “Marion and Dorothy completely transformed the shop and made it reflect them and when they took the decision to take a step back for a well-earned rest, we knew it would not be the same without them.

“We would like to say a very big and public thank you to Marion and Dorothy. You will be missed by all the staff, friends and supporters. Enjoy your retirement and you can honestly say you’ve made a difference.”