Firefighters pull out of industrial estate event due to outside pressure

FIREFIGHTERS have pulled out of a road safety demo for a car club meeting on Royston Industrial Estate due to pressure from businesses and the police.

A team from Royston Fire Station were due to mock up an accident for the benefit of Royston Modified on September 2.

Watch commander Dave Reese said: “We have had to cancel our event with Royston Modified due to pressure from other parties.

“We have decided that there won’t be a road safety demo that night, but there will still be 250 people up there.”

Royston Modified’s events have angered traders who say there is litter, public urination, and dangerous driving.

A flyer advertising the latest rally billed it as the “big one” and referred to the staged accident as “guaranteed mayhem”.

Business partnership Royston First is aware of traders’ concerns.

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Town manager Geraint Burnell said: “There is significant disquiet for many companies with this event taking place on their land or on the land they are renting without permission.”

The car club says it raises money for charity, and the cancellation of the demonstration is victimisation.

Event organiser Sharon Bavister said: “It was six-to-eight weeks’ work to get it ready. For it to be stopped is ridiculous.

“They might be able to stop the fire brigade going down there, but we are still going there.”