Fire commander visits London Olympic Park

THE commander of Royston Fire Station was given the chance to look around the “unbelievably breathtaking” Olympic Park last week.

Sean Comerford was invited by the London Organising Committee for a guided tour of the East London site last Wednesday, where he also gave a presentation on his station’s involvement in the UK’s Healthiest Fire Service Workplace Challenge.

Mr Comerford was overwhelmed with the progress of the facility. He said: “There is nothing bad you can say about the park. It’s stupendous and unbelievably breathtaking.

“We had had a 40 minute guided bus tour, and to hear the plans and the legacy that are going to be left in place afterwards and the plans for the future use of the park was amazing.

“For example the basketball arena is to be completely dismantled and taken away which is incredible. There are 300,000 wetland plants that have already been put in time for when the bloom in 2012. The planning is stunning.”

Mr Comerford was joined by former Olympic champion Jonathan Edwards, Royston Station Challenge Champion Nigel Etherington and representatives from various projects in the South East that have been awarded the Inspire Mark, which recognises initiatives motivated by the 2012 games.

There are 91 projects nationally that have been awarded the accolade, with seven of them represented on the day.

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“It’s amazing to hear the different ideas people have got to link to the legacy of the Olympics. There was a mobile gymnasium, a theatre group and a reading relay,” said Mr Comerford, who is also secretary of the Fire Service Sport and Athletic Association.

“To be one of the group of 91 projects that has been awarded the mark makes me proud not just for the project but for Royston as a town.”

Meanwhile, the station is in the process of organising a football match with a Royston-based youth centre, and will be advertising dates for the public to use their newly installed gym in the near future.