Feeling hot hot hot

Temperatures hit highest mark since 2006

CROW country was feeling hot last week – with temperatures reaching a four year high.

Not since July 2006 has Royston’s temperature topped the 30 degree mark, but last Friday (July 9) had residents sizzling with a high of 31.3. Saturday ran it close with a high of 29.6, while Sunday (27.3) and Monday (22.5), saw slight falls.

Since the start of July, the average temperature in Royston has been 26 degrees - a significant 4.2 degrees above the average for the last 30 years.

Royston’s best known amateur weatherman Richard Barker, from the Iceni weather station, said: “We have had some good temperatures this week. Topping 30 degrees was surprising and significant change when it occurred at around 3pm on Friday.

“Saturday and Sunday were also very hot, but the start of this week brought a decline. I suspect the high temperatures will probably not be maintained as it is getting chillier already, but it’s difficult to say.”

Mr Barker’s reluctance to predict upcoming temperatures is due to Crow country not yet reaching its customary hot-spot for the year. “The traditional hottest period of the year in Royston comes at the end of July or the start of August, so the potential is definitely there to maintain the heat.

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“However, the hottest temperatures are recorded when the ground is hot, so if we get some rain then it’s not likely we will top 30 again,” he warned.

Sunlight is also above the 30 year average for the month, with 83.3 hours being recorded. Mr Barker said: “The sunlight hours are 24% above the average for the month, a very sizeable increase. This could maintain, which would mean good sunlight hours for the rest of the month.”

Since 1972, the highest temperature in Royston was on August 10 2003 when a roasting 36.4 degrees was reached. July 2006 had 10 days over the 30 degree mark, but this does not match the 1976 record of 16 consecutive days topping the same temperature.

Mr Barker’s website has further information on local weather, including up-to-date temperatures, archives and records. It can be found at www.roystonweather.net.