‘Everybody on site remained calm’ says boss after chemical spillage at Royston business

Thermal Engineering in Royston had a chemical spill at the building on Saturday

Thermal Engineering in Royston had a chemical spill at the building on Saturday - Credit: Archant

Firefighters and the Environment Agency were called to Royston on Saturday after a large chemical spillage at a business.

About 1,000 litres of dilute caustic soda leaked into the car park of Thermal Engineering, the aerospace components manufacturer in Orchard Road.

Crews were called at about 12.30pm to assist with the spillage.

Firefighters, who took advice from manufacturers on how to contain it, stopped the chemical from entering the drains until the arrival of the Environment Agency.

The firm’s chief financial officer Miles Garrod praised his staff for remaining calm and professional throughout the incident.

He said: “The chemical was contained in an on-site interceptor tank, and then removed by a professional cleaning company.

“It never went onto the road or left the site.

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“Everybody on site in the team was calm throughout the incident and remained professional.

“Nobody was injured. Nobody was worried, we carried on working afterwards.

“We went through the correct procedures.”

This is the fifth incident that the Environment Agency has been called out to in Orchard Road over the course of the last five years.

It is also the second chemical spillage to occur in the same five-year period.

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