Euro MP backs Freedom Food scheme

Richard Morris, Home Farm Manager, with Richard Howitt MEP

Richard Morris, Home Farm Manager, with Richard Howitt MEP - Credit: Archant

EURO MP Richard Howitt called in on a Crow country farm to deliver an important message on animal welfare.

Mr Howitt, MEP for the eastern region, visited Wimpole Hall Home Farm to witness the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme in action.

The visit was arranged after an alarming RSPCA study revealed that many people don’t know the basics about farming and where their food comes from.

“It’s no ‘yolk’ that people fail to understand where their food comes from and the lives of the animals that produce it,” said Mr Howitt, who is a vice president of the RSPCA.

“I support the campaign by Freedom Food – the RSPCA’s food labelling scheme – to help farm animals by finding out more about how they are reared and choose higher welfare labelled food such as Freedom Food, which means the farms have been monitored by the RSPCA.

“It’s simple really - the more people choose higher welfare labels like Freedom Food, the more farmers will be encouraged to adopt higher welfare standards like at Home Farm and the more farm animals will have a better life.”