Endangered species given new life in Shepreth

A SPECIES nearly wiped out in the Vietnam War has been given a boost after a Crow Country birth.

Keepers at Shepreth Wildlife Park were celebrating after a pygmy slow loris was born following a six-month pregnancy.

There are thought to be only 700,000 left in the world after the bitter conflict devastated its habitat.

Since then forests have continued to be cut down, or burnt, and the illegal pet-trade, as well as the use of the creature in traditional Chinese medicine, have kept numbers dangerously low.

A spokesman said: “We are delighted to have positively contributed to this programme.

“Breeding endangered species, and raising both awareness and funds about the different plights such species face in the wild, is the direction in which Shepreth Wildlife Park wants to continue to pursue.”

This is the first slow loris birth in the park and the keepers will continue to work to protect the primates.