Elusive black fox spotted in Bassingbourn

A RARE black fox has been spotted in Bassingbourn by eagle eyed villagers.

The exotic animal was snapped by John Moore who had previously spied the creature.

Initially excited by the discovery Mr Moore was soon frustrated after his discovery was doubted.

He told The Crow: “We saw it at the back end of last week and told people but most people didn’t believe us.

“We went back to the field and there it was sat in the middle of the field and that’s where I got the picture.

“I got within 100m and it took off.”

Black foxes are also known as silver foxes and are different colour morphs of the red fox.

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An RSPCA spokesman said: “Black foxes are known as silver foxes as the hair on the rump is tipped with silver and this stands out well against the remaining black fur.

“They can range from strong silver to nearly black and are the most prized by furriers - they are farmed for their fur and bred in captivity for the exotic pet trade.”

The fox has been snapped by other villagers and The Crow will hopefully have video footage of the animal on www.royston-crow.co.uk