Election 2017: Conservative Heidi Allen re-elected as South Cambridgeshire MP

MP Heidi Allen has been re-elected in South Cambridgeshire. Picture: Frances Berry

MP Heidi Allen has been re-elected in South Cambridgeshire. Picture: Frances Berry - Credit: Archant

Conservative MP Heidi Allen has held her seat in South Cambridgeshire.

With a 76.36 per cent turn out, Ms Allen polled 33,631 votes – with her majority reduced from 20,594 to 15,952.

Labour’s Dan Greef received 17,679 votes in second, the Green Party’s Simon Saggers collected 1,512 and Liberal Democrat Susan van de Ven polled 12,102.

There were 166 spoiled ballots, with an overall turnout of 85,257 – 76.36 per cent.

After sharing hugs with the other candidates after the result was announced, Ms Allen said: “I’d like to start by saying thank you to my fellow candidates – we’re friends. I know people who have been following our silly photographs on Twitter have been so pleased to see in this world of craziness that politicians from different parties can be courteous and respectful. That to me is one of the most important things, at the heart of it we are all interested in South Cambs and making it better.”

After thanking council officials, her team, family and friends, she said: “Most of all it’s about the voters, thank you so much for yet again putting your trust in me. I have to say I love my job, and I would have been absolutely devastated if I hadn’t got it back again.

“I promise to keep my independence in mind and to be a modern Conservative politician – accessible, always listening, ready to learn at all times, and never thinking that I necessarily have the right answer"

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Speaking to the Crow afterwards, she added: “Hopefully there will be no more elections in the next five years!

“I want to carry on with everything I have been doing. I have so enjoyed helping with affordable homes, Brexit is a new challenge and I need to make sure that our security, agricultural, technological, and academic values are protected.”

Green candidate Simon Saggers congratulated Ms Allen, but criticised the voting system, saying: “I would like this to be the last election that is held under first past the post. It’s incredibly important that everyone feels involved in the system, and in the current system everyone doesn’t feel involved.”

Lib Dem Susan van de Ven thanked everyone who made the vote possible. She said: “We have seen an incredible show of emotion and conviction about where we are headed as a country. I met Dan, Simon, and Heidi a year ago when I asked them to take a picture to demonstrate the show of support for remaining in the European Union.”

Labour’s Dan Greef said: “Before I say anything, congratulations to Heidi because actually I have really enjoyed this campaign with you and it’s been fantastic meeting and debating the issues in this wonderful constituency of South Cambs.”

He asked who will lead Brexit negotiations and pledged to keep working for the benefit of the people of South Cambs.