Elderly victim speaks out after crooks smash door and steal jewellery from Royston home

Precious jewellery was stolen during the burglary.

Precious jewellery was stolen during the burglary. - Credit: Archant

A Royston woman in her 70s whose house was broken into last week says the thieves have ‘destroyed priceless memories which can never be replaced’.

The victim, who does not want to be named, had her Newman Avenue home broken into last Wednesday by intruders who made off with precious items of jewellery.

She said: “The bitterness I feel is the fact that someone has selfishly violated my own home and has destroyed memories that are priceless and cannot be replaced.

“However, I will continue to live my life in the same way I always have and will never let such despicable people win.”

The victim’s son said: “For the last few days myself and my brother have had to comfort her and reassure her after she discovered her house had been attacked.

“Although break-ins like this happen all the time, to actually witness a family member, friend or relative in such shock after being on the end of such a crime is one of the most upsetting things ever.

“For a person in their 70s living on their own having to know someone has forced their way into their own property, free to rummage, damage and steal things that mean nothing to these low life intruders but has years and generations of sentimental value and memories for the victim, goes beyond sickening.

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“My upset and anger following this while trying to comfort my mum and help dispel her fears led me to posting on Facebook in the hope that it will encourage others to be aware and vigilant, and help prevent them going through the same ordeal.”

The thieves made off with jewellery after smashing through a back window of the house between 11.15am and 2.40pm.

Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to contact police on 101, quoting crime reference G4/16/310.