Climate hero pupils earn green Blue Peter badges

Studlands Rise First School green Blue Peter badges

Year 2 pupils at Studlands Rise First School have all been awarded green Blue Peter badges for their hard work towards the environment. - Credit: Studlands Rise First School

The Year 2 pupils at Studlands Rise First School have all been awarded green Blue Peter badges for their hard work towards the environment.

The children have had to complete three pledges based on the three Ps - saving power, reducing plastic and growing plants for a duration of two weeks, to enable them to become ‘supersized climate heroes’. 

To achieve their power-saving mission, youngsters had to turn off an electrical device when they finish with it rather than leaving it on standby. They could also switch half an hour of screen time for 30 minutes of outdoor time.

For the plastic pledge, they had to switch from plastic food wrap to a lunchbox or reusable sandwich wrap - or sort the rubbish recycling at home carefully.

For the growing plants part, the pupils had to grow and look after pollinator friendly plants to encourage bees and butterflies to thrive.

They could also save water by turning off the taps when brushing their teeth - as using less water gives plants and trees more to drink.

The Studlands Rise pupils have worked hard both within school and at home over the last half term to achieve the three Ps, And all their hard work paid off, as every child was awarded an individual badge, plus the group got a personalised letter and certificate. 

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Year 2 class teacher Miss Windsor said: "It has been a pleasure to see the children so engaged with their learning and wanting to explore the impact we can have upon the environment."

Teaching assistant Mrs Batchelor said: “It was wonderful to see the excitement build within the classroom when the badges arrived."

And fellow TA Miss Haynes added: "The children have worked incredibly hard to achieve their climate pledges."

The timing for their achievement couldn't be better, as it's World Environment Day on Saturday. 

World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on June 5 since 1974, engaging governments, businesses and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues.

This year's theme is ecosystem restoration - as the healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet - and its people.

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