Headteacher comes from Singapore to learn about Melbourn Village College teaching methods

Mrs Angela with the staff of Melbourn Village College

Mrs Angela with the staff of Melbourn Village College - Credit: Melbourn Village College

A headteacher came from Singapore to visit Melbourn Village College to learn about the work done to support pupils with additional needs.

The principal of APSN Chaoyang School, Mrs Angela Lee, came to look at the support the Student Support Centre and The Cabin provided for pupils with autism.

During her visit she met with principal Simon Holmes, other members of staff and pupils supported by the college.

After dropping in on a Year 8 English lesson she said: "I could feel the passion and commitment in all of you as you work with your students and families.

“All of you have given so much of your love, efforts, time, and support for the betterment of your students and families. It has been an insightful and inspiring visit and I thank you all."

She also noted how impressed she was by the college's ability to enable additional needs pupils to access mainstream lessons and the high quality teaching.