Pupils have a wild time making new friends

 Icknield Walk First School Spirit of the Wild visit

Ben and Hannah and their animals met Early Years pupils at Icknield Walk First School. - Credit: Icknield Walk First School

Children in the early years classes at Icknield Walk First School have been lucky enough to enjoy a visit from some furry - and not so furry - new friends.

The team at Spirit of the Wild showed the youngsters an array of interesting animals - including a barn owl, snowy owl, parrot, cockroach, millipede, tarantula, African dormouse, chameleon, two tortoises, snake, skunk, bullfrog and fruit bat.

 Icknield Walk First School youngsters in Royston enjoyed a visit from Spirit of the Wild 

Icknield Walk First School youngsters enjoyed a visit from Spirit of the Wild - Credit:  Icknield Walk First School

A school spokeswoman said: "Our visiting animal expert called Ben taught us lots of interesting facts and new vocabulary, such as ‘herbivore’, ‘omnivore’, ‘talon’, ‘carnivore’ and ‘exoskeleton’.

"The children were invited to touch or hold an animal, which they really enjoyed. What a wonderful morning we all had."

Spirit of the Wild brings the largest and most diverse range of wildlife to schools, care homes and more.

See https://www.spiritofthewild.biz for more information.