Duxford UFOs claim revealed in file disclosure

THE latest releases of government UFO files has revealed a mysterious incident alleged to have taken place near Duxford.

A member of the public contacted officials after claiming he saw 50 mysterious lights flying together south from the village.

The eagle-eyed observer alleged: “I witnessed approximately 50 objects each with a single orange light pass south from the Duxford direction to a few miles West of where we live.

“When they reached the point of ascent they gathered before ascending directly upwards.

He added: “The incoming aircraft from Stansted did not pass along the normal inward flight route until the whole thing was over.”

The incident is alleged to have taken place between 8-9.30pm in April and the spotter said the odd aircraft were too small to be helicopters and ascended above the 10,000ft they can ascend to.

Despite is proximity to the Imperial War Museum Duxford a spokesman has said the time and date rules out the possibility of the objects being conventional aircraft.

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A spokesman said: “It wouldn’t have been an aircraft we don’t have aircraft flying at night, it’s certainly not an aircraft related event,

“But no-one can confirm or deny that, it’s not our area of expertise.”

The Crow Country sighting was released alongside many others by the National Archives today (Thursday) which were originally reported to the Ministry of Defence.