Don’t pull our chain! Club hunt for missing jewel

A GROUP of middle-aged men are searching for a jewel in Royston.

Members of the recently reformed Royston 41 Club are without the chairman’s chain – otherwise known as a “jewel”.

“We’re sure it must be in the back of someone’s wardrobe. I feel naked without it,” said newly-elected chairman Ian Corlett, 46.

The 41 Club is open to men aged 41 and over who used to belong to a Round Table club.

It fizzled out in Royston about 10 years ago but was re-formed last year.

But currently when it is invited to official functions, its chairman does not have the jewel to wear.

It is believed one of the past members of the former Royston 41 Club must have the jewel in his possession, but has forgotten he has it.

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Ian, a businessman from Bassingbourn, added: “They are even older than us, but hopefully this story will jog their memories.”

With many members who used to run the summer carnival on the Heath, Royston 41 Club hopes to put on events for the town.

It is also looking at the feasibility of a chilli and beer festival.

If you have the jewel, or know where it might be, please call 01763 289453.