Dog’s muck is “ruining the area”

MOTHERS on a Royston estate have spoken out against the amount of dogs muck on the paths and grassland of their area.

The Ridings area of Royston has been hit with a wave of excrement recently, with young children frequently coming into contact with it whilst travelling to and from school and playing in the park.

Alex Osbourne of Primrose View, who is a mother of a six-year-old-boy, said: “The dogs muck is covering the whole of the Ridings area and its ruining it. It’s been left all over the park and even on the path around the park.

“The pavement is worse really, as everyone has to use it. Our main concern is children having to put plimsolls on at school, as they could have trod in muck on the way, and then use their hands to change shoes.

“They could then rub their faces, and there have been cases where children have turned blind.”

Another mother of a six-year-old-boy, who lives in the area but didn’t want to be named, said: “My son was playing in the park and sat up against a tree. There was dog’s muck there and it got on his shirt. He then came home and sat on the sofa, and I had to get it professionally cleaned.

“Small children are not very hygienic and don’t wash their hands to often, and we want to encourage people in the area to check their children’s hands and feet, as well as asking dog owners to be more considerate.”

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She also said how she put signs up asking dog owners to take more care, but was told she must remove them or face a fine by North Herts District Council.

“I don’t mind taking the signs down if they are on council property, but there is no one from the council helping us out. Every week I was outside picking it up and I shouldn’t have to do so.

“When I get my children home from school I am washing them and checking their clothes, and I shouldn’t have to do this when I’m in such a rush.

“Everyone is avoiding the paths and parks as they make journeys and preferring to drive, and this shouldn’t be the case.”

The unnamed mother also said she realises there are lots of considerate dog owners in the area, and that it is probably a minority that are causing the problem.