Document signed in 1984 could help save pub

A COUNCILLOR has uncovered a 27-year-old document that could help save the Plough pub at Shepreth, which is faced with being re-developed for housing.

Surinder Soond, district councillor for Shepreth, has discovered a covenant on the land registry website that states the use of the building cannot be changed.

The covenant, which was signed by the brewery and original owners in 1984, reads: “The purchasers hereby jointly and severally covenant with the vendor that no part of the property hereby conveyed shall be used for any purpose except either as a Public House or similar


Cllr Soond said: “I was rooting around for any basis for which to be used as a valid argument to support the views of the residents of Sheptreth which, I know are very strong.

“I will be using this as a basis to highlight to the planning committee members that there is some history surrounding The Plough and that it should remain as a pub.

“We don’t know the full details of the planning application as it hasn’t been made a public document yet, but we do know it will be a change of use.

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“This means the covenant is significant, as it states this should not be done.”

Last week at a Royal Wedding street party in Shepreth, residents formed the Save The Plough Action Group, and collected over 200 signatures.

Campaign organiser Richard Handford said: ““The amount of interest in the royal wedding street party showed that community spirit is alive and kicking in Shepreth and made us realise that we had to fight to save The Plough.”