Diamond lights!

SIXTY years ago this month, Royston couple John and Cath Wholley were married – and they are still together today.

On a winter’s day in 1950 in Cath’s hometown of Goodmayse, Essex, they took vows that have never been broken, and will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on December 23.

“I married an angel,” said John, a former RAF serviceman. “My eyes have never wandered, and she has done a lot for me that many would not do.”

Cath, who made a career as a district nurse, put their commitment down to sharing responsibility. “I put my life into my children and husband and so did he. After we took our vows in church we soon had children and we never looked back. There has been a lot of give and take.”

The couple, aged 85 and 86, have lived in Royston for a total of 15 years with six of those in their current home of Kennedy Court. They used to have a house in Poplar Drive.

They have moved to Wendover, Basildon, Dereham and Kettering at various times due to John’s career as a schoolteacher. They have two sons, and six grandchildren.

They met just prior to the second world war, when working for an insurance firm in London’s Chancery Lane.

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“We worked in different department but Cath used to walk past me to catch my eye,” said John.

“I asked her if she would write to during my time in Malaya, Burma and India during the war, and she did. We kept in touch and married when the war was over.”

The memory of their honeymoon in the Lake District is still a source of amusement to the pair.

“We went up to Lake Windermere for our honeymoon, and when we got to the hotel we still had our maiden names on our ration books,” said Cath, a member of Royston’s Women’s Institute.

“The chamber maid gave us some odd looks because she didn’t think we were married at first, but she turned a blind eye!”