Defecting to UKIP: Bassingbourn councillor speaks out about decision

Adrian Dent

Adrian Dent - Credit: Archant

The county councillor for Bassingbourn has defected to UKIP with immediate effect as he feels the Conservative party is ‘no longer the democratic party’ he originally joined.

Adrian Dent said he has been whipped on a number of occasions on issues such as transport and infrastructure, which he was ‘not particularly happy’ about.

He said: “These decisions were great for the people of Cambridge, but not so great for people living in villages around it.

“I’m used to making change and making it quickly. There are things in the council that need to change.

“Why do we spend so much on pot holes? They need to be filled but it’s the way that it’s done and the way that it’s paid for.”

Asked how the reaction has been to the announcement, Adrian, who has been a county councillor since 2013, says that a couple of people have taken the move ‘out of context’ and believe it means he has become a racist, but on the whole people have been supportive of his decision to stand up for what he believes in.

He said: “I’m not against Europe, but against the EU and legislation that doesn’t work for us.”

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Adrian publicised his resignation on his website, and in the statement, he said: “I am in favour of exiting the EU and cannot stand to see the political infighting in the Conservative party with tit for tat recriminations between those pro or against continued membership of the EU.

“I am joining the UK Independence Party as, I believe, it more closely aligns itself to many of the fundamental policies that I firmly believe in. In addition to this it does not operate a whip in Cambridgeshire County Council which enables me to properly represent the needs of my constituents.”

Conservative County Councillor for Duxford, Peter Topping, tweeted: “Adrian Dent is a hardworking Cambs county councillor.

“I’m sorry he is leaving Conservatives for UKIP but personally wish him well.”

Adrian is currently county councillor for the villages of Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth, Litlington, Whaddon, Steeple and Guilden Morden, Odsey, Tadlow, Abington Piggots, Shingay and Wendy.

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