Damaged art deco curio fetches thousands for Royston man

AN art deco curio has pocketed a Royston man thousands of pounds after he put it up for auction.

The Austrian bronze and ivory statue depicts a figure throwing a javelin and was sold for �6,400 at Antique Finds, Orwell.

Roger Missing, auctioneer, said: “We had put a significant reserve on it but that’s all I can say, I would say I’m surprised that it went for what it did.”

The statue which is attributed to German sculptor Ferdinand Preiss netted the seller, described as a “Royston Gentleman”, a significant sum - but Mr Missing would not reveal his client’s identity.

Despite the unusual nature of the figurine Mr Missing say’s it is by no means the oddest object he has sold.

“We have had all sorts of antiques from Egyptian antiques through to items from the 70s and 80s,” he said.

“Star Wars figures can sell for as much as a Victorian painting.”

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