Crow Country officers combat London rioters

POLICE from Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire took to the streets of London last night to combat the riots that have been tearing through the capital.

Last night saw pockets of civil disobedience flare up across London for the third night in a row with officers fighting running battles with rioters.

To bolster the Metropolitan Police’s presence both Herts and Cambs forces have sent Public Support Officers to London, who will also be on hand tonight.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Civil Contingencies and Public Order Planning Unit has sent a Police Support Unit (PSU) to assist the Met.

“Hertfordshire custody officers are dealing with prisoners for the Met and call taking support has also been offered.”

Around 6,000 officers were on hand last night but David Cameron has said today that 16,000 will be on the streets tonight.

Millions of pounds worth of damage has been caused and around 450 people have been arrested.

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The riots were sparked after a man was shot and killed by officers last Thursday and a protest descended into violence on Saturday night