Teen attacked couple with glasses at Royston pub

The pub, with red brick walls and large windows.

The incident occurred in The Manor House, on Melbourn Street. - Credit: Google Maps

A teenager attacked a couple in a Royston pub, using drinks glasses as her weapon.

The incident occurred on August 31 last year (2021), in the The Manor House on Melbourn Street

Tina Lamb, 19, from Willingham, Cambridge, had mistakenly believed that the couple were speaking about her, prior to launching the attack.

Prosecutor Harry McDonald told St Albans Crown Court: "The defendant took exception to things being said between them.

"She came to the wrong conclusion that the comments were directed at her. They were not.

"He was discussing a private family matter with his partner.

“After a few minutes Ms Lamb became increasingly animated at what was going on.”

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After hearing what she believed were comments about her, Lamb picked up a glass from her table and threw it at the man.

This glanced the victim's face, before hitting a wall.

Following this, she stood up and crossed the room, before picking up a glass from the couple's table.

With this, she struck the woman's face.

Harry McDonald continued, stating that the victim's did not retaliate, instead leaving the pub peacefully.

Tina Lamb was later arrested at Royston train station, when she was recorded on police body cameras saying "They were
weird things.

"He kept staring a us.

"I overheard them calling us skinny b****rds."

The female victim claimed in a statement that the cuts, bruising and swelling made her too embarrassed to go out in public.

She had since been wearing a face mask and sun glasses. 

The victim also claimed to have lost a stone in weight in just two weeks, due to experiencing difficulty whilst eating.

Lamb pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm (ABH) and common assault.

She was also in breach of an eight-week suspended sentence for driving offences.

Tina Lamb said: "At the time I had a lot of anger and there were issues going on in my life. I was sofa surfing.

"Alcohol was a problem. I don’t drink any more.

“If I could speak to couple I would tell them how sorry I was. It was disgusting and embarrassing.”

Yesterday (June 14), the teenager was sentenced to 32 weeks in custody.

Whilst passing the sentence, Judge Sandeep Kainth said: “The victims were minding their own business.

"Your behaviour was so off the scale.”