Ring doorbell catches 'cement mixer thieves' in the act

A woman in a pink coat and a man wearing a high-vis jacket put a cement mixer in their van.

The thieves rang the doorbell to check that no-one was in before stealing a cement mixer. - Credit: Louis Fowler

A Ring doorbell caught two suspected thieves on video, as they stole a cement mixer from a Royston front garden on Saturday (April 2).

The video shows a lady ring the doorbell - seemingly to ensure that nobody was inside the property - which began recording the ordeal.

The individual can then be seen helping a man in a high-visibility jacket drag the cement mixer from the garden and into a white van.

The two can be heard talking whilst taking the cement mixer away.

Louis Fowler, cement mixer owner, told the Royston Crow that no crime has been reported to the police.

However, she has called for help from anyone in the area, with one local recalling witnessing something this morning.

They said: "I saw these this morning, outside the side of my house. (I) thought it was a bit dodgy, so wrote number plate down. Hope this helps".