Thieves steal car from family home in early hours

Police are appealing for witnesses or information after a windscreen was smashed in Hatfield. Pictur

Police are investigating the theft of an Audi from Meldreth. - Credit: Harry Rutter/Archant

A Meldreth dad has told of the horrifying experience where thieves broke into his home while his family were inside and stole their car.

Marc Wynn told the Crow that on Wednesday last week he was woken up at about 3am to find his Audi RS5 gone - his teenage son was awake at the time. 

Marc said: "My son, Indy is nearly 19 - he was awake playing an Xbox tournament - he got up and went downstairs to get a sandwich and went back upstairs. He was sitting there eating the sandwich and heard the car start up. He looked out the window and thought 'where's Dad going?'

"It could've been so much worse.

"We went downstairs, the gate was open and the kitchen doors were open. We're not exactly sure how they got in. They took our keys and we've had all the locks changed. 

"My son was angry saying I wish I had bumped into them, but you never know what these people have got. It is so awful, because if they did see him or he saw them it doesn't bear thinking about. We could be sitting here at 5am mulling over the car being gone or we could be sitting in A&E.

"The police seem to think it's been stolen to do a raid. It's a 2011 RS5 - so it's older but it's pretty fast. 

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"My wife isn't too affected but my son is a bit paranoid now - it's the violation of someone coming into the house. We've had a couple of sleepless nights thinking is that bang something? Are they coming back?"

Marc has lived in Meldreth for more than 20 years having originally been born on the south coast and relocated to London prior to settling in the village. 

Marc told the Crow that it was the first time he's been victim of car theft, and he knows Meldreth doesn't get a huge amount of crime.

He said he had previously heard the village shop being ram-raided - he heard a bang and went out thinking there was someone needing help and saw a load of men in balaclavas.

He said the village shop cameras had caught something on their CCTV about his car theft, but all of the details weren't clear. 

"We saw one car go and that was caught on camera at the village shop, so we don't know how they got there or what direction they came in," said Marc.

"I have looked up how many people are having cars stolen and it's something like 300,00 - you think why don't the motor companies do something to make them harder to steal? These guys always have a way of getting to you, and more should be done. It's just horrific."

A police spokesperson said: "The burglary is thought to have taken place between 2.30am and 3am on August 4 with two sets of car keys, two sets of house keys and an Audi R25 vehicle stolen.

An investigation has been launched and anyone with information is urged to contact police at quoting reference 35/51382/21. Anyone without internet access should call 101."