Royston: Digging begins for 53-year murder investigation

A police car parked near a curb, by a hedge.

Muriel McKay was kidnapped and killed by two men in 1969. - Credit: 28704869 on Creative Commons

Digging has begun at a Hertfordshire farm today (April 2) as part of a 53-year-old murder investigation.

Muriel McKay was kidnapped from Wimbledon, London, and killed by two men in 1969. Her body has never been found.

Now, the Metropolitan Police have started digging at a farm near Royston in Hertfordshire, after one of her abductors confessed to burying her body there. 

Officers have been visiting the farm since February, but are now taking more proactive measures, using ground-penetrating radar to identify potential areas to excavate. 

Upon her abduction, the perpetrators -  Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein - mistook Ms McKay for the wife of media-tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and demanded a £1m ransom. 

Both brothers were arrested and jailed for murder, but hadn't revealed exactly what happened to Muriel McKay until last year (2021). 

In an act which sparked the excavation in Hertfordshire, Nizamodeen Hosein told the family's lawyer that he had buried Ms McKay near a farmhouse, on the farm that the Police have now begun digging.

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The brother also claimed that the woman died of a heart attack.