A-level and equivalent students open results virtually in 2021

Leila Benabid from Long Road Sixth Form

Leila Benabid from Long Road Sixth Form - Credit: Long Road Sixth Form

Sixth form and further education colleges that serve our area have been celebrating A-level and equivalent results - which students opened on Tuesday.

Buntingford's Freman College released a statement on their Facebook page, which said: "Congratulations to our fantastic Upper Sixth students who have received an amazing set of results.

"We are very proud of them.  They have worked so hard and shown amazing resilience.  

"It is great to see them all heading off to the next stage of their careers whether university, apprenticeships or work.

"We know that because of what they have been through, they will make incredibly capable and independent employees and students. 

"We are excited to hear about the fun and success that lies ahead of them and wish them every happiness for the future."

Cambridge Regional College deputy principal  Michelle Dowse said: “It’s been a very different year for students this year with a combination of both online and face to face teaching.

"Our learners have worked incredibly hard over the year among a lot of uncertainty, and we are very proud of all they have achieved.

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The CRC teaching and support staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students had the best college experience possible and remained safe. We are excited to see so many achieve their ambitions and head on to university, employment, further education and apprenticeships.”

Thousands of 16 to 19-year-old students at CRC received their results this week with success being seen across the board in subjects including health and social care, IT and computing, Construction, Engineering, Media, and Public Services, all of which have seen high pass rates.

In addition, Cambridge Regional College has seen an increase in applications for September with those gaining their GCSE, A-level and BTEC results planning their next step.

Cambridge's Long Road Sixth Form released a statement to students. 

Long Road Sixth Form Poppy Norris

Long Road Sixth Form's Poppy Norris with her family - Credit: Long Road Sixth Form

It read: "We are so very proud of you today!

"These last two years have been extraordinarily demanding. Like students across the globe, you have had to cope with so much uncertainly and sudden change, to adapt to new ways of learning and the cancellation of exams.

Long Road Sixth Form Leon Mutter

Long Road Sixth Form's Leon Mutter - Credit: Long Road Sixth Form

"We are proud too of our Long Road staff team who adapted brilliantly to all the many challenges and we are in awe of you, our students, who have proved you are an amazing group of people: creative, thoughtful, intelligent, passionate and kind.

"It is clear too from the excellent grades you have achieved today that your tenacity and commitment has paid off.  

"Whatever your subjects, we know that the class of 2021 will go on to do great things and we can’t wait to see what you all do next."

Long Road has also shared the story of Fiyn Adeyemi - who came to the UK three months before taking her GCSEs. 

Fiyn Adeyemi came to the UK three months before taking her GCSEs and completed her level 3 studies at Long Road Sixth Form

Fiyn Adeyemi came to the UK three months before taking her GCSEs and completed her level 3 studies at Long Road Sixth Form in Cambridge. - Credit: Long Road Sixth Form

She said: "My name is Fiyinfoluwa Adeyemi and I was admitted to Long Road to study Level 3 Diploma in media studies and Level 3 extended diploma in business studies.

"Two years later, I am a D*D*D* L3 graduate, with an admission to study Communications and Media at the University of Liverpool, which was my top choice.

"My favourite thing about studying at Long Road was my whole journey: from making friends, learning, and loving my course in Y1 to adapting to the challenges of remote studying and displaying resilience, courage and perseverance while learning and growing in Y2. 

Long Road Sixth Form

Long Road Sixth Form's Tasneem Alsmadi - Credit: Long Road Sixth Form

"I am grateful to my parents for their massive support during online teaching and remote studying. A huge thanks to my media teachers Robert Wright in Y1, Maryam Sharifi, Bird Lewis in Y2 for their continued support and words of encouragement throughout my studies in college.

"Tim Whittaker and Luke Fowles helped in drafting and concluding a strong personal statement and applying for universities. Thank you, Long Road!"