A thief who swiped scrap metal costing hundreds of pounds has been jailed.

Stevenage Magistrates' Court heard that Nathan Smith - of New Farm, on the outskirts of Whaddon - stole the scrap metal from a location in Baldock, having broken in with an accomplice.

The value of the haul amounted to £600, which Smith has to repay in compensation to E Coulson Carpentry and Building Ltd- based in Weston - by September this year.

The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to the offence on Wednesday and was jailed for eight weeks.

Chairman of the bench Robert Cinnamon took Smith's guilty plea into account when imposing sentence.

The offence was deemed serious because Smith was with another person, had to break in and there was a child present. He also had previous convictions and had recently been released from prison, the court heard.

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