Couple victims of phone scam

Disabled man and wife kept receiving calls

Roger Batt, 65, and his wife Jean, 60, have received half-a-dozen calls over the past month from people claiming to be from the government saying they would come round to their house to collect money.

After contacting the police, it was confirmed that they were victims of an attempted scam.

Mrs Batt said: “Last Friday (16) someone rang saying they were from the ministry of justice.

“They asked if we had a mortgage, credit card, overdraft or loans. I said they were not going to get any details out of me. We told the police and they found out it was a fake.”

The Royston couple then had a call on Monday from a person who would not confirm who they were, but said they were based in Swansea.

“They said that they would come round to our house at five that evening and collect �198.

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“If we showed them our passports they said they would pay us �3,000,” said Mrs Batt, who works at Bassingbourn Barracks.

“The police were informed again and they said it was another scam.

“They knew our names and address. But as soon as we asked who they were they hung up and did not want to know.”

The Royston couple live in a council-owned property in Eliot Road and are confused as to how anyone could have obtained their details.

Mrs Batt said: “I can’t understand why they have our number as we are ex-directory. They also rang my mobile, so we want to know how they got that.”

Mr Batt, who suffers from lung disease, asthma, and osteoarthritis, is just as puzzled how the calls came about.

“We haven’t signed up for anything and don’t have a mortgage, which is what they have asked about.

“They also mentioned tax. I have no idea how anyone would know about that.

“It is something we do not need.

“My wife has to help me all around the house and make sure I’m well when she goes off to work at seven in the morning as I have trouble walking and sleeping.

“She does not need this on top.”

A police spokesman said: “We would remind people to be vigilant. No reputable company would ring you demanding payment for a bill over the phone.

“Payment demands would always come as a formal letter.

“We would advise people not to respond to anyone who does call demanding money, and don’t feel pressurised into giving bank or security details over the phone.”

“People should report any suspected scams to Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.”

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