Council grant for school to fund projection equipment

PROJECTIONS look promising for a Royston school after it received a grant to help fund some much-needed new equipment.

Greneway School, in Garden Walk, has been given �2,000 to help purchase projection equipment for the school hall. The money comes from the locality budgets of local county councillors Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter.

Headteacher at Greneway School, Laura Flitton, said: “We are delighted to have received a donation to support our purchase of new projection equipment for the school Hall and are grateful to Friends of Greneway School who applied to the locality budgets of county councillors Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter on the school’s behalf.

“We are looking forward to the additional opportunities this new purchase will afford us and the community.”

The equipment will be of great benefit to Greneway’s pupils: in classrooms, assemblies, school shows, after-school clubs and parents’ meetings.

It will also benefit the wider community by being mada available for use by the many local groups and societies – from the Corvus Amateur Dramatic Society to the Royston Rotary Club – that use the school hall

It is hoped that the equipment will encourage more groups and societies to use the school’s facilities, enabling more local people without transport to attend local events and meetings. In this way, new equipment will help build even stronger links between the school and its local community.

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Locality budgets were launched by Hertfordshire County Council in July 2009, with funding to be used for worthy social, economic or environmental causes in the county. For information on how to apply for funding under the scheme, visit