Council approves 59 new homes

But second application dismissed

But they dismissed a second application from developers Fairview Homes, on the grounds of safety and access.

The accepted plans are for 59 dwellings on the land between Coombelands and the A10, and were given an almost unanimously positive response from councillors.

The development will also include 11 flats and two car parking spaces per home.

This has been reduced from the original plans of 64 homes and 22 flats, which were first submitted in 2008.

The approval has not been welcomed by the Coombelands Estate Residents Association (CERA), who have concerns over the style of the homes, as well as the access of works vehicles.

David Buckley, chairman of CERA, said: “The plans that have been drawn up are not in keeping with the rest of the estate.

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“We agreed that the housing style had to be similar to the homes already in the estate, but they will not be. They haven’t thought about this.”

The new plans have considered residents’ fears over vehicle access for the works, but this has not completely satisfied Mr Buckley.

Vehicles will now enter via a gate on the A10, rather than through Coombelands.

“It’s good that vehicles have changed their route, but why can’t this route be used for normal access when the development is finished?

“Instead, there will be a build up of cars on Coombelands and this will cause accidents.”

Fairview’s other planning application, for 27 houses on the land between Thackeray Close and the A505, was dismissed, despite what they called “significant changes.”

A temporary road was to be erected to be used for works access, which would have meant vehicles avoided driving through Thackeray Close.

Also, all flat blocks had been removed, aesthetical chimneys had been added, and the playground had been relocated – all were campaigned for by pressure group North Royston Action Group (NRAG).

Jayne Bratton, chair of NRAG, said: “We are pleased that the town council is still agreeing with our concerns over emergency access to what is believed to be the longest residential cul-de-sac in Europe.

“We also have real safety concerns over the site vehicles being on Burns Road when young people are out playing and riding around on their bikes.

“NRAG are however pleased that the latest plans have changed so significantly from the original plans and that so many of the residents concerns have been addressed.”

North Herts District Council (NHDC) are expected to make a final decision on the plans on November 17.

Mrs Bratton will be submitting a statement on behalf of NRAG to the NHDC next week. Any comments should be emailed to