Concerns over new plans for 130 homes

NEW plans to potentially build 130 houses in Royston were revealed this week to residents.

A public exhibition organised by developers, Fairview Homes, allowed people to look at proposals for land just north of the Burns Road Estate, what the company call Site A.

This could be the third development built by Fairview, after they were granted permission for 59 homes at Coombelands and a pending application for a further 27 at Thackeray Close.

Previous plans to build on ‘Site A’ were thrown out by North Herts District Council after a campaign led by the North of Royston Action Group.

Jayne Bratton, of the group, described the response as mixed.

“Everyone reported to NRAG that the plans were better than the original ones and that Fairview had listened to the original concerns, however there were still concerns raised mainly new ones,” she said.

“The biggest issue of concern raised was in regards to the new road which Fairview are planning on building from the A1198 between the roundabouts with the A505 and the Tesco Roundabout, behind the Houseman Avenue Estate to join up with Site A.

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“Concerns about this road included Fairview revealing that initially it won’t be lit, fears of the fields either side being used by people on motorbikes, the noise and impact to the local Houseman Avenue residents and the possibility of travellers moving in.”

Monday’s exhibition was held as part of Fairview’s pre-application consultation and took place in Coombes Community Centre.

John Baines, planning manager at the company, said: “We have worked hard over the course of the last year to address the concerns raised during discussions over the previous application, principally in relation to access to the site and the number and types of homes.

“This has led to substantial amendments being made and we are pleased that this work has been acknowledged by NRAG.

“We will continue consulting with the community over the coming months.”

“The new road will be built to an adoptable Highway standard and responsible landowners will ensure that their sites are appropriately secured.”