Concern over Herts and Cambs’ falling police numbers

MORE than 160 of Herts and Cambs’ boys in blue have disappeared in just 12 months sparking concern from councillors.

The Home Office data, released this week, shows that between September 2010-2011 police numbers fell by 87 in Herts and 77 in Cambs - a combined drop of 164.

Councillor Deb Roberts, independent councillor for Fowlmere, said: “I think the residents of South Cambs will be concerned about the number and I think they wont be able to understand how we can possibly have a successful police force with the numbers going down five per cent.

“It seems to me that we very rarely seem to see officers any more, are we to see them any more with this drop in numbers?

“I think they are questions to be asked to the police on this fall of numbers how do they maintain a police force with the drop in numbers?”

Her view was echoed by North Herts district councillor for Royston and the town’s mayor Robert Inwood.

“This concerns me immensely, it’s always worrying when you have a drop in officers,” he said.

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“I will be looking closely at this and hopefully this hasn’t affected Royston’s crime prevention.

“I will be taking this up with the Royston branch to see what the impact is in the local area.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary claim the drop in numbers has not affected policing.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire’s force said: “In line with forces across the country Hertfordshire Constabulary has had to make efficiencies which has included a reduction in police officer numbers.

“This is being achieved through a natural turnover. The public should be reassured that frontline policing levels are being maintained and indeed crime in the county has decreased by five per cent since April 2011.”