“Clown Therapy” to be offered

A CIRCUS that’s coming to Crow Country is to offer a unique type of therapy - that promises to entertain as well as cure.

John Lawson’s circus will pitch up on Therfield Heath in October, and will include the madcap shenanigans of award winning clowns Popol and Kakehole, who will be presenting an antidote to coulrophobia – the fear of clowns.

Circus Ringmaster Attila Endresz said: “It is surprising how many people seem to be frightened of clowns.

“Although you would always expect to see a clown at the circus, some people react with terror – even adults.

“The situation has been made worse by the media. There are many horror films such as Stephen King’s It, or even The Joker in Batman that portray the clown in a sinister light, and have subsequently heightened the fear of the clown.”

A recent poll placed clowns as the nation’s third biggest fear behind spiders and needles, but with the arrival of the circus in town, Kakehole and Popol are determined to ease people’s fears and remind them that the clown is a figure of fun.

“It upsets us when audience members are scared of us,” said Popol. “People are not scared when they get to know us. It is just sometimes the initial sight of us that can be unnerving.”

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Popol and Kakehole have twice won the ‘Best Comedy Act’ in the UK National Circus Awards, and are now inviting anyone with a clown phobia to visit the Big Top for a special therapy session to conquer their fear.

“We are offering special counselling, or rather clowncelling,” said Kakehole.

“We have developed some techniques to encourage people to overcome their fears. We gently introduce ourselves, explain the art of clowning, and perhaps even help the person to discover their own inner clown.”

John Lawson’s Circus is appearing at Therfield Heath, Royston, from Friday 8th until Sunday 10th October. Show times are Friday at 4.30 & 7.30, Saturday at 2pm & 5pm, and Sunday at 2pm only.

For further information or for ticket enquiries please contact the box office on 07860 498833.