Clamp fine overturned

A MAN has had a parking fine which totalled more than his week’s benefits refunded.

Peter Yoxall, 43, found his car being clamped after coming out of Cineworld in Stevenage Leisure Park in September, despite there being no time limit for parking if using the facilities.

He was then given a �125 fine, which is more than the weekly incapacity allowances he receives, after suffering his fourth stroke in 2006.

Mr Yoxall said: “I had been in the cinema and been to McDonald’s, and I was walking back to my car when I saw a clamp and a man putting a ticket on the car.

“I walked up to him and asked what was going on. He said I had been there for too long and that I had to pay him �125.

“Of course I didn’t have that sort of money on me, but he demanded that I go to the cash point and withdraw it. I was under pressure and had no option but to do so because I wanted to get home.”

Since then, Mr Yoxall has written several letters to Platinum Security, who the attendant was working for, but had one sent back to him with an undelivered notice.

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He had also written to bosses at the company which employs Platinum, but to no avail.

“I sent letters to the head office of the security company, and also to a PO Box address we found for them. It was frustrating that they had not written back to me,” said Mr Yoxall, of Garden Walk.

The offer of a refund came after The Crow contacted the leisure park, and they immediately agreed to send a cheque to Mr Yoxall.

Mr Yoxall’s mother Kathleen Cain said: “We had just about given up, until I found a phone number for them.

“They have surprisingly agreed to a full refund. We are now waiting for them to send us a cheque.”

It was only Mr Yoxall’s second car journey since retaking his test after suffering his latest stroke two years ago.

The volunteer at the Imperial War Museum said: “At first I was very frustrated and felt like I had been robbed. It wasn’t worth it, because the film wasn’t great either!”

A Stevenage Leisure Park spokesman confirmed that Mr Yoxall’s fine would be reimbursed in full.