Citizens Advice North Herts launches an appeal for support

Rosie Waters, chief executive of Citizens Advice North Herts

Rosie Waters, chief executive of Citizens Advice North Herts - Credit: Citizens Advice North Herts

Local charity Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire (CANH) has launched an appeal asking for those living in the area to consider making a regular or one-off donation to help support their work with local residents struggling at this unprecedented time.

CANH has offices in Letchworth and Royston, and has been overwhelmed with calls, especially in response to the increased energy price cap that kicked in at the beginning of April.

Demand for CANH’s advice service is growing and that looks set to continue as the charity can only see things getting worse for the area’s poorest families as the energy price cap is set to rise again in October.

This is in addition to rising prices for petrol, food and transport, as inflation is predicted to rise to 10 percent by the end of the year.

"Up to the end of March, so that's before the energy price cap was raised on April 1, Citizens Advice North Herts offices were already seeing people who we would class to be in an ‘emergency situation’”, said Rosie Waters, from Citizens Advice North Herts. "This means they have not enough money to heat their homes or feed themselves. Our advisers are seeing some very distressing cases.

"Recently 44-year-old ‘Chris’ came into Citizens Advice North Herts. He gets the Universal Credit single person standard allowance and he receives £334.91 per month.

"He is currently looking for work but he cannot afford to credit his pre-payment gas or electricity meter, and he currently has no power in his house. As a result, he has no heating, hot water, or cooking facilities. He is desperate to start work but he has no money for transport to attend interviews.“

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Rosie added: ‘We are fully aware that times are really hard for everyone at the moment but if you do feel you can support us in our work it would be very much appreciated. If a financial contribution is not possible, why not consider supporting us in other ways such as volunteering or organising a fundraising event for us?

"There is lots of information on volunteering roles, and ideas on how to fundraise for us on our website You can also keep up to date by following us on social media.

"Not everyone realises that CANH is a charity and your support will help us increase our capacity to provide more people with the advice they need to move forward in their lives.”

If you need help or advice from Citizens Advice North Herts please get in touch. The Hertfordshire Advice Line number is 0800 144 88 48 and is free to call.