Children visit Royston factory to get an insight into life as a scientist

Children from St Mary's at Johnson Matthey

Children from St Mary's at Johnson Matthey - Credit: Archant

Children got an insight into the world of a scientist on a visit to Royston’s biggest factory.

The pupils from St Mary’s RC School in Royston visited Johnson Matthey as part of the Children Challenging Industry Project, a programme aimed at encouraging children’s interest in science and improving their perceptions of the chemical industry. The programme seeks to promote the science curriculum, and an advisory teacher took the children for two special science lessons, as well as arranging the visit to put science into working reality.

Robert Dunbar, headteacher at St Mary’s, said: “It has always been part of my philosophy that children should see science and ICT applied in the workplace.”

Johnson Matthey process precious metals and turn them into parts for devices including robots and catalytic converters for cars.

Deborah McGarrity, Royston site and community co-ordinator at Johnson Matthey said: “The difficulties of attracting young people into careers in science have been well documented in recent years. From this perspective, I think it is important that schools in our area understand what Johnson Matthey actually does, and how exciting and varied a career in science can be.”