Charity looking for volunteers

A CHARITY that offers health and social care to children of an underprivileged country is appealing for volunteers.

South Cambridgeshire Friends of Chernobyl Children (FOCC) looks after children aged between seven and 12 that have had their lives affected by the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

They are now looking to recruit more volunteers and are holding a presentation evening in March.

Chris Beagles from FOCC said: “Over the past 5 years FOCC has changed the lives of 18 children who lived in the saddest of circumstances.

“Each year these children have returned to the UK, to spend time with their host families and have received immeasurable medical, dental & optical care.

“In addition to the love and support they receive whilst here, each child is sent back home with a suitcase bursting with warm clothes, vitamin supplies for the year, toiletries, food and gifts.

“Much of this donated by local businesses and individuals which are much appreciated, and we need host families too.”

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This will be the final year for the current group of children, as under Belarusian law they cannot leave on a charity visit after the age of 12, but new groups are planned for the future.

The presentation evening will contain information on how to be a host or to make a donation, and will be held at Melbourn Village College on Tuesday March 1, from 7.15pm. If you require further information please contact Vanessa Cross on 01223 870011.