Catalytic convertor thieves strike in Royston

THIEVES struck four times in as many days making of with catalytic convertors from vehicles parked in Royston.

Larger commercial vehicles and 4x4s have been singled out with all the thefts taking place at some point between Wednesday and Sunday.

Jon Vine, Safer Neighbourhoods Sergeant for north Herts, said: “We would urge motorists to park their vehicles in a garage if they can, or get their catalytic converters property marked – contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team on 101 for more details.

“We are continuing to increase our patrols in these areas and I would urge anyone who sees any vehicle acting suspiciously, particularly around 4x4s and larger commercial vehicles to call police immediately.”

The thefts took place in Byron Road between Thursday and Sunday, Spenser Road between Thursday and Friday, Mill Road between Wednesday and Thursday and Masefield Way between Thursday and Friday.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police non-emergency number 101.