Cat deaths and fears for childrens’ safety prompt Royston woman to start road-safety petition

Tracie Adams is concerned about speeding on her road.

Tracie Adams is concerned about speeding on her road. - Credit: Archant

After two cats were killed by dangerous drivers using ‘rat run’ roads into Royston town centre, one woman fearing for the safety of her children has started a petition to introduce traffic calming measures in the neighbourhood.

Tracie Adams wants to see speed bumps installed along Briary Lane, Coronation Avenue and Sun Hill – which she says are used as a shortcut into the town centre and out on to the A10, even though there is a sign telling drivers to steer clear.

Tracie, who lives in Coronation Avenue, said: “They drive at excessive speed – two cats have been killed and the drivers have not stopped.

“I fear for my children who like to play outside.

“There are some very ignorant drivers who speed through our road to beat the traffic.

“I don’t feel I should have to contain my children in my garden to keep them safe. Fingers crossed we get some kind of reprieve.”

People have until Thursday, March 31, to sign the petition on the Herts County Council website.

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Deborah Brightman, who also lives in Coronation Avenue, said: “In addition to the speeding vehicles, the parking is horrendous.

“I do appreciate that if you work in the town that parking all day is expensive, but parking so inconsiderately outside people’s homes is just plain rude.

“I recently politely asked a driver if they could move back from parking partly over my drive, and I was sworn at in response. It’s definitely causing a lot of bad feeling.”

Councillor Fiona Hill, who represents the town at County Hall, said: “I am aware that Briary Lane is used as a ‘rat run’ and also suffers from speeding and parking issues.

“I’m receiving mixed messages on exactly what measures residents would like and am looking into this.”

To sign the petition, click here.