Campaign page set up demanding urgent action to make Royston High Street safe

Nick White is campaigning for a safer surface on Royston High Street.

Nick White is campaigning for a safer surface on Royston High Street. - Credit: Archant

A Facebook page has been set up, calling on urgent action to make the surface of Royston High Street safe.

The page was set up by Nick White, after numerous people reported serious injuries from falling on the uneven surface.

Nick said: “I’ve set up the ‘Make Royston High St Safe Now’ Facebook page in sheer frustration at Hertfordshire County Council’s lack of maintenance of the carriageway and footpaths in the High Street and other areas.

“I’ve found a Crow article going back to May 30, 2013 that highlighted the problems and here we are in June, 2016 and it’s got far worse.

“There’s now been far too many people injured after tripping and falling in the High Street and while resurfacing supposedly will take place in this current financial year, the surfaces need to be made safe now.

“The shops are suffering because people are nervous about using the High Street. There are many great shops in Royston and shoppers need to feel able to use them without fear of injury before they get through the doors. I’ve been contacted by many people who don’t want to go public but have suffered injuries after tripping. I and others are prepared to very publicly highlight the problems, but hopefully those in power will wake up and take action before that happens.

“As a plumber myself, if I carried out my work the way Hertfordshire County Council has in Royston High Street, there would be a great many flooded houses. I’m not doing this for any self glory or any political motivation, I want my parents, my friends, my customers and everybody else to use the High Street without fear of injury.”

Royston County Councillor Fiona Hill said councillors regularly monitor the situation, and is urging people to report incidents so faults can be dealt with before the road is completely resurfaced.

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She said: “We are doing everything possible to resolve the situation, and the High Street will be inspected again this week, to sort any urgent problems. The road will be resurfaced within this financial year. But if there are faults, report them.”

Royston MP Sir Oliver Heald has welcomed this, saying: “I pay tribute to the efforts of Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter in our joint efforts to have the work approved, and I am glad that it is going ahead this financial year.”