Cambridgeshire schoolchildren bring historic fire back to life

Schoolchildren 'zapping' interactive posters of the great fire of Guilden Morden.

Schoolchildren 'zapping' interactive posters of the great fire of Guilden Morden. - Credit: Archant

Primary schoolchildren in Guilden Morden have brought a historic event back to life with an interactive app.

Guilden Morden Primary School students invented the futuristic Great Fire village trail, which visitors can follow using their smart phones, to teach people about the great fire of 1881.

Once the free Zappar app is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, visitors can zap checkpoints along the village trail map to uncover interactive content, including videos recorded by pupils.

Judy Goldsmith, headteacher of Guilden Morden Primary School, said: “We really feel that the pupils have left a legacy behind with this project, that will inspire others to engage with the village’s history.

“Parents were astounded to see their children creating their very own pieces of augmented reality using the Zapcode Creator. The technology is simple but really engaging, and its affordability makes it the perfect platform for schools to explore the world of AR and see how it can enhance teaching.”

The app uses augmented reality (AR) technology which has been embedded in posters designed by pupils at the school.

The history project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Max Dawes, partnerships director at Zappar, said: “We are immensely proud to see what the pupils in Guilden Morden have achieved with the Zapcode Creator.

“This is exactly what the software was invented for – to make augmented reality a tool that everybody can use and really make their own. Young people take to new technologies so naturally that it’s not surprising to see them already fusing augmented reality with their school projects.”