Calls for 20mph limits near Royston schools

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to lower the speed limit outside schools, in a bid to make children safer.

The Royston Labour Party kicked off the campaign last week, and is calling for 20mph limits to be introduced in the vicinity of all local schools.

It follows a move from Government to reduce the need for red-tape over introducing speed limits.

Councillor Robin Inwood said: “There has always been concern about speeding in the vicinity of schools.

“We know the dangers and the need to see proper safety measures in place.”

A consultation on the Government’s proposals will be carried out by the Department for Transport.

The party is also hoping to run its own public consultation to gage public support.

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Labour’s press spokesman, Les Baker, said: “The Government proposals are out for consultation and we will certainly be pressing for the 20mph limit speed restrictions around schools.

“This will improve safety on our roads and reduce the potential for serious accidents. The area around our schools is ideal to have such a speed limit in place,”

He added: “We will be doing our own consultation with the public to see the level of support for the need of these speed limits.”

For more information on the campaign, email