MP visits food centre for Small Business Saturday

MP Sir Oliver Heald met Royston Food Centre owner Zulifikar Akyal for Small Business Saturday

MP Sir Oliver Heald (right) met Royston Food Centre owner Zulifikar Akyal for Small Business Saturday - Credit: The Office of Sir Oliver Heald

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald visited Royston Food Centre to celebrate the work of small businesses.

For Small Business Saturday this month, Sir Oliver met Zulifikar Akyal, who owns the food centre at 7-9 High Street.

The business is new to the High Street, and is becoming popular with residents for its range of interesting foods from all parts of Europe and staples like bread, milk, cheeses, fresh vegetables and salads. The shop also sells the "famous" baklava dessert.

Sir Oliver said: "Small Business Saturday highlights and encourages small businesses, which are so important to High Streets and jobs.

"Since the shop opened, I have often popped in and it is obviously becoming popular, particularly for residents who live nearer the north end of the High Street.

"I congratulate Mr Akyal and all small businesses and wish them the best for the Christmas period and the coming year."

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