Brothers meet sister they never knew they had

FOUR brothers from Crow Country have spoken of their “overriding emotion” after meeting the sister they never knew they had last weekend.

Mrs Brett was born out of wedlock to their mother Daisy Taylor in 1944, but was given up for adoption to a family in Cambridge. Mrs Taylor then married Horace Wall and moved to Melbourn, where she gave birth to her four sons.

She never spoke of her daughter and died in 2004, aged 84.

Mrs Brett knew she was adopted from the age of five, but did not attempt to contact any of her relations until she was inspired by a television show.

She then used the internet to track down any relatives and found Chris, who now lives in Fowlmere, and wrote him a letter.

Upon receiving the letter, Chris Wall informed his brothers that they might have a sister, and they arranged to meet at the Cambridge Motel in Shepreth – the same location the family had gathered the night before their mother’s funeral.

Chris Wall said: “We were all there early and waited for her. When she arrived there were tears and hugs instantly. Speaking was initially very difficult.

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“It was very emotional but we were comfortable very quickly. It was not strange in any way. Sometimes conversation can be slow to flow but we chatted for hours, and there were lots more occasions when tears were produced.”

The brothers had taken lots of memorabilia and photographs to show their sister, including a picture that none of them had seen before.

Michael Wall, who now lives on The Wirrall, said: “Our brother Edward arrived with a picture of our mother, that was not only the first Suzanne had seen in colour from that time, but the first we had seen.

“We gave Suzanne a lot of information about our mother and illustrated the stages of her life with the photographs. Suzanne would break down in tears when she saw older pictures.”

The five of them spoke for six hours, and met the following day at The Green Man in Shepreth for Sunday Lunch, which is where the family gathered after their mothers funeral.

“We had lunch then took her on a tour of Melbourn, and to where the family home was at Kirksyde.

“We then showed Suzanne our mum’s grave, which was the first time she had been there. We left her by it to have private moments. It was very emotional for her.

Mrs Brett has been living less than 25 miles away in St Ives, and Michael Wall admitted that they could have met without knowing, and that some relatives were aware of their sister.

“Since finding out we have realised that there was a number people that knew about this, but respected mum’s wish that nothing was said. One of those is a cousin of ours, who was sworn to secrecy.

“We could have passed each other in the street and we would not have known.”

The siblings have agreed they will meet again to introduce Suzanne to their extended families, including her eight nephews and nieces.

“There was still only time to scratch the surface,” said Chris Wall. “There were so many questions from her and there will be plenty of time in the future to get on and answer those.”

As a further twist, Mrs Brett’s husband John has a working relationship with Edward Wall, and they have even met on several times without knowing they are brothers-in-law.