‘Britain is stronger in EU’ is message from North East Herts and South Cambs MPs


- Credit: Archant

Both the MPs for North East Herts and South Cambs have announced their intention to vote for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen - Credit: Archant

Sir Oliver Heald believes staying in the EU will be the best deal for the UK, ahead of the referendum which will take place on June 23.

“I feel the deal David Cameron secured in Brussels strengthens our special status in the EU,” said Sir Oliver.

Despite backing the campaign to remain, Sir Oliver does admit he has had his reservations about Europe. He said: “I always approached the Prime Minister’s renegotiation with caution. I am not an ardent Europhile, and have always wanted a Europe that recognises Britain’s unique situation and exempts us from any drive towards a super-state.

“The UK has had to deal with levels of EU migration that are too high, fuelled by too much benefit money.

“We have been tied into ‘ever closer union’ – signifying the EU’s legislative ratchet pulling us further into a project of political integration and businesses complain of excessive European regulation that stifles their growth.

“I am glad that the Prime Minister’s renegotiation has led to improvements for Britain in all these areas.”

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Sir Oliver also said he felt the Out campaign ‘has no vision of what our future would be like outside the EU’, and so it would be ‘foolish to leap into the dark’.

He added: “It is better to be at the table, fighting for Britain, than it is to quit and throw away the benefits that membership brings.”

To read Sir Oliver’s full statement, visit www.oliverheald.com.

South Cambs MP Heidi Allen has also pledged support for the In campaign.

She said: “I will be voting to stay in the EU not for economic reasons, although I believe our economy will be stronger for it – but because I believe the humanitarian issues facing the world can be better dealt with if we are part of a European team.

“Every voter in the UK has an equal say in this huge and important decision.’