Bridge or underpass could solve problems at level crossing

A BRIDGE or an underpass could be the solution to ongoing problems at a level crossing.

Network Rail is carrying out a feasibility study on the Foxton level crossing to determine if an alternative method of crossing the track can be found, with bridge and underpass options both being investigated.

The crossing, on the A10 between Royston and Cambridge, has often been pinpointed as a safety risk for cyclists and pedestrians, while the frequent gate closures cause a lot of congestion on the road at peak times

Cllr Deborah Roberts, district councillor for the Fowlmere and Foxton ward and chairman of Fowlmere Parish Council, said: “They have to look at some alternative methods of crossing the tracks because there are so many stops with the all the trains going through, it does cause really long queues.

“It’s a good job this is being considered because people do take risks when they are using the level crossing.

“People have been concerned about this crossing for a number of years. The parish council has had numerous residents come forward to express their frustrations and concerns. At times it is impossible to get out of Foxton.”

Cambridgeshire County Council recently agreed to undertake a similar project at King’s Dyke, Whittlesey, where the building of a new rail bridge is set to cost £15million.

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Cllr Roberts added: “The main concern would be what sort of price we’re looking at, because these sort of projects are very expensive. Hopefully somebody has got the money to pay for it.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “We are committed to looking for a long-term solution for Foxton because of the safety issues there and because the council wants to reduce congestion in the area. This includes looking at road and rail solutions, not just the crossing itself.”

Earlier this year the Melbourn, Shepreth and Foxton rail user group raised concerns about the pedestrian crossing at Foxton, where the gates were locked meaning people had to walk on the side of the road.

The group, led by county councillor Susan van de Ven, has been pressing for improvements at Crow country level crossings since it launched in 2010.

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