Blue bouffants and beards for Royston cops

THE boys and girls in blue took their nickname a stage further this week when they dyed their hair with help from a Royston salon.

A team of North Herts cops dyed their moustaches, beards and hair bright blue in support of a campaign to promote awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.

One of the Hitchin and Royston Intervention Team has personal experience of this disease after a family member was diagnosed with prostate cancer - in his case, the cancer was diagnosed early and his life was saved.

Team sergeant Helen Croughton said: “The high figures of men dying from prostate and testicular cancer stack up to an ignorance in men about these two subjects.

“I thought it must be publicised. What better way to do it than by turning ourselves blue.”

“Some officers actually grew facial hair especially for the occasion, others dyed their hair, or wore blue wigs and accessories.

“We would also like to thank HQ Hairdressers, in Upper King Street, Royston, who supported the event by providing some of the hair dye for the day.”