Beauty spot brightened up by power firm

VOLUNTEERS from a power company have brightened up a Melbourn beauty spot, lightening up the lives of glow worms.

Workers from distribution firm UK Power Networks teamed up with tree specialist contractor BTS Group, members of Melbourn Parish Council and other volunteers from the village to breathe new life into Stockbridge Meadows.

Councillor Rosemary Gatward, of Melbourn Parish Council, said: “There must be few occasions when a national company, a parish council and local ecology volunteers get together and achieve what can only be described as an amazing feat.”

They raked the grass to allow female glow worms’ lights to be seen, newly-planted hawthorn bushes were fenced off to protect them from deer, and reptile habitats were created.

The work was part of a four-day project which also saw an area of reed bed being restored, ponds being created and the clearance of silt from the River Mel.

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