Bassingbourn woman’s 50-year-old radio inherited from grandfather restored by Royston Repair Cafe team

Naomi Wallen from Bassingbourn with her grandfather's restored radio.

Naomi Wallen from Bassingbourn with her grandfather's restored radio. - Credit: Archant

Three volunteer repairers put their heads together at a free community event to keep a Royston family’s much-loved vintage radio in use.

The 50-year-old Ekco Transistor Radio arrived at the Royston Repair Cafe in need of a power supply.

What should have been a simple job to replace the battery became a much longer, but successful, 90-minute operation.

Naomi Wallen from Bassingbourn, the owner of the radio, was delighted with the result. She said: “It’s lovely that my grandad’s old radio is back on the road to recovery.

“It only has sentimental value, but I’m looking forward to sunny days in the garden listening to music.

“It was a fun experience and I enjoyed how tenacious the volunteers were.”

Naomi fondly remembered listening to the radio when she visited her grandfather’s as a child and thought it would be lovely to have it working again.

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The next Royston Repair Café will be held at the end of July.

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